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It’s all about the animals

'Lilly's owner'

Hi just wanted to say a massive thanku for all ur help.  Uv probably heard by now we have got lilly home the best feeling ever now Christmas can begin. U did an amazing job wiv the poster we can't thank u enough xx

Hey Chops I really can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us. You're an absolutely amazing person and your friends and family are lucky to have you. It's been a horrible outcome but you've been so supportive and kind and made it as manageable as possible. Martin had literally sent himself crazy worrying about what was happening to Jazzy and he ended up at the doctors earlier in the week for mediation to calm him down, I couldn't talk to him about it all because I knew he couldn't handle it and he couldn't help me, having you on my side was such a comfort and relief. I've never even met you and I love you to bits, you're amazing 💕💕

Me and my family would like to let you all know that ziva was found and is now home safe and sound. Me and Kevin Greenough would like to thank everyone that help share her photo to help get her out there and I would like to especially thank Angela hoy and her friends with all the help and support they have given me over the past 4 weeks

Rio is home safe! Thanks to everyone who shared his post for me. I'm so grateful to you all. Massive massive thanks to Angela Hoy who has been a rock. Kept me sane with your help and support. Thanks so much. Xxxx


Hello u all,

 I hope u all get this as I'm not the best on this Facebook  stuff, I am aware that it is early  buti f I don't send this it will be one more day that u may think I do not appreciate all u have done for me and millie, who I never thought I would  miss so much xx once again I cannot tank you  all enough for the thoughts and hours u put into finding  my millie  (whom u had never met but gave so much to)xx  The work you do as a team is amazing  !!!!  Well I hope we can  stay in touch ? and if there is anything in the future that you think I could help with do not hesitate to contact me.

Monty - reunited 22 Jan 2016. X

Gave us a £30 donation

Heres a picture of monty with my son as promised thankyou so much again. Hes happy had a bath and hes forgot all about going missing. If you ever have any events you need a hand with dont hesitate to contact me a huge thankyou for your great work xxx

From Michelle, Montys owner X