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It’s all about the animals


We are a team of volunteers who all have scanners and a great love for animals. We will scan live and deceased pets that are found and do our very best to help get them reunited with their owners. If the animal isn't microchipped we will contact the correct authority. We also will take pictures and get posters made and circulated to help find the owner. We do this out of the goodness of our hearts because we all love animals.

Please see our map for your nearest scanner, if there’s not one close to you then still please contact us as we may still be able to help.




Karen Jay Emily Rachael Kelly Carine Jill Please find the scanner closest to you and either email them or contact them using their facebook links to the left. Alternatively please Call  07977 668800  We have access to a wide network of scanners across the UK not just these locations Scanners Implanters Animal First Aiders Home Checkers Dog Walker angela@iaata.co.uk chops@iaata.co.uk donna@iaata.co.uk karen@iaata.co.uk jay@iaata.co.uk emily@iaata.co.uk Rachael@iaata.co.uk kc@iaata.co.uk carine@iaata.co.uk jill@iaata.co.uk