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It’s all about the animals

Buzz ran off from dog walker on 1 December. He had been spotted a few times and the owners were leafleting locally. They weren't getting much support so Angela contacted them and told them I would drive over and help on a search on 6 December.

Whilst out a local dog being walked heard some noise coming from one of the cliffs. Turns out buzz had got himself stuck. Lyndon got buzz out. Then took him home  X

Ziva was stolen out of her garden on the 27th October. She was seen with 2 youths we tried to get cctv and everything but we couldnt find anything. We searched and postered we shared her absolutely everywhere. Finally after many other calls were followed up. Her owners got a call about a dog that kept escaping and found out she had been bought off 2 young lads 4 weeks earlier. Her owners went and she was Ziva they got her home on 26th November best early Christmas pressie ever for her and her family XXXX

Rio went missing from his home in dukinfield on the 27th November his owner Tracey searched for him everywhere, we gave advice where to register and who to ring and gave support. Finally after 2 long weeks he turned up looking very skinny. He looked like he had been locked in someones shed or garage. Tracey and her family were over to moon their boy was back home XXXX

Beryl went missing from Jean's daughters house in Dukinfield on the 16th April. We gave Jean all links to register on we helped poster and searched for beryl for 3 long months. With her being 13 years old lots of people were thinking the worst. Finally she was found at Jean's old house on Copley estate where beryl had never lived. She had got her front leg stuck through her collar. A lady had been feeding her and trying to build up trust so she could see her tag to ring her owner. Finally the lady got jeans number and rang her. Beryl was in quite a bad way but with jeans TLC beryl recovered and is happy and home XXXX

Princess was taken out of her garden on mossley rd Ashton under lyne on the 3rd July. We gave her owners advice and said to ring up taxi companies. One of the taxi companies remembered seeing a man with a dog like princess the night she went missing. We found out where he went and his name. Then we started to ring round local places. We spoke to the manager of a pub and he knew this man. He was a regular and would probably be in the pub that afternoon. We got the owners to go to the pub and wait. Sure enough he went in. Princess's owners explained about her medical condition. The man then took her owners to his house and gave princess back. Her owners were over the moon to get her back where she belonged XXXX

Bella was stolen out of her garden the guy in the windows van saw a dog run into the road he stopped and picked her up n gave her back to the people he thought were her owners. But they werent. Bellas owner catherine had a message that someone in a windows van had seen her. I rang all windows companies in sheffield to try and track the man down who had seen her. Finally i got told someone wanted to speak to me. He rang back and gave a description of who had her. Not long after catherine got a call saying they had bella and wanted the reward money. Bellas owner went. It wasnt very straight forward but bella got home and the police were involved xxxx

Zeus ran off after hearing gunshots at dovestones his owners desperately searched for him followed all advice we gave him. The community spirit is absolutely amazing so many people helped searching, postering, making phone calls and supporting Harry so much. Zeus was found on the 9th day he had been missing in the area he went missing from. A lovely lady from the rspb found Zeus and rang Lorna Harry's wife. Lorna rang Harry he was out searching with Michelle Jones. They jumped in the car and went straight there. Harry was so happy when they got there that this was his gorgeous boy. He really can't thank everyone enough for their support thank you all so much XXXX